history of Bellevue Fire Company District 9!

Bellevue Fire Company began just after the end of WWII in 1947. Several groups had attempted to start a fire company in the previous years, but failed. On one attempt, the treasurer stole the money and moved to Ohio to live. Another attempt saw the six hundred dollars of the treasury lost when the Bank of Depew failed due to poor management.

At that time, the only fire protection was if a fire broke out, a call was made to a neighboring fire commissioner. A fee of about $35.00 was required but no guarantee there would be an answer to the call. It was a fire on Bellevue Blvd that prompted another attempt. The fire was extinguished by throwing shovels of snow on it and right then it was decided to start a fire company.

They agreed to meet that very night and neighbors were called to attend. Unfortunately only seven people showed up for the meeting. Lack of attendance was caused by either poor communication or the feeling it would fail again. Needless to say the group was pretty disgusted. The group had little knowledge of how to start a fire company, but after many glasses of refreshments and many arguments on how to organize, the group set out to do so anyway and in 1948 the fire company became the Bellevue Fire District #9 and five members were appointed fire commissioners and then elected for their appropriate terms. Since that time Bellevue Fire District #9 has been serving and protecting the citizens of their district with honor and pride.